2017 Isotopx Goldschmidt Lunch

Isotopx would like to invite customers and prospective customers to our 2017 Isotopx Goldschmidt lunch to be held during this upcoming Goldschmidt meeting in Paris. This meeting will be held at Le Meridien Etoile Hotel, located at 81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 75015 Paris (across the street from the convention center) on Tuesday 15th August. The meeting will begin at 12 noon. At this meeting we will introduce several new products including our new ATONA amplifier technology. These amplifiers have been developed to produce an extremely low noise flow for faraday detectors. At 100sec integration time 1.5 x 10-18A (<10 cps) amplifier noise can be achieved. This exhibits the equivalent performance of a 1014 (100T) resistor amplifier. Ion beams in excess of 1pA can be measured which is equivalent to 100 volts on a 100T resistor amplifier. Furthermore data loss due to tau delays are reduced by two orders of magnitude compared to conventional amplifiers, the signal settles to 10ppm within 100ms. Please come join us for lunch and learn what is new for Isotopx. If you would like to attend this meeting please contact Dr Steve Shuttleworth by email Steve.shuttleworth@isotopx.com or visit our Goldschmidt booth (#210).

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Published: Monday, July 24th, 2017 at 3:57 pm

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