Phoenix used for Precise U-Pb Study of end-Triassic Extinction

Posted on 26th March, 2013

More than 200 million years ago, the end-Triassic extinction wiped out 76 percent of marine and terrestrial species. Whilst it’s not entirely clear what caused the end-Triassic extinction, it seems that over a relatively short period of time volcanism from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) erupted huge amounts of...

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TIMS Publications for early 2013

Posted on 13th February, 2013

We like to keep an eye open for journal publications where Isotopx TIMS instruments have been used so that we can provide an up to date bibliography to our users and other interested parties. A list of selected papers, subdivided by application area and covering the 2-3 years up to...

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Ultra high precision measurements of 143Nd/144Nd using Xact amplifiers and 1e11 ohm gain resistors

Posted on 23rd October, 2012

The ability to achieve sub 5ppm precision for 143Nd/144Nd is seen as a benchmark for any TIMS system. Such high precision can only be achieved if the mass fractionation correction is accurate and the integrated noise on the detectors is extremely low. In practice Phoenix TIMS systems undergoing factory testing...

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Potential for 90Sr measurement on the Phoenix TIMS

Posted on 9th October, 2012

90Sr is a fission product of uranium and plutonium and is expected to be released in a high quantity in a nuclear accident. Sr easily substitutes for Ca and accumulates in bone hence exposure to radioactive Sr represents a significant cancer risk. Additionally, the relatively long half life of 90Sr...

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Xact Amplifier Presentation now on the Website

Posted on 5th September, 2012

Zenon Palacz, Isotopx Managing Director, gave a presentation on the new Xact amplifiers within the session on ‘Advances in isotope chemistry and geochronology’ at 34th IGC, Brisbane. The presentation, entitled ‘High precision isotope ratio measurements of Sr and Nd at the nanogram level using the Phoenix TIMS with next generation Faraday detectors‘,...

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