Electronics Upgrade For Noble Gas Mass Spectrometers

Electronics Cubicle Capture

Isotopx is pleased to introduce it’s electronics upgrade package for existing noble gas mass spectrometers. Now it’s possible to keep those old 3600, 5400, MAP, GV Argus, GV Helix and GV Helix SFT spectrometers going with this new electronics cubicle and current generation software. The package was introduced at the DINGUE meeting in Nancy, France this week (April 2016).

“This should have a very positive impact for the noble gas community” noted Dr Steve Shuttleworth, Isotopx Ltd Sales Manager. “Users know their existing instruments very well and although the general performance is dictated by the original technologies incorporated into the instrument at the time it was originally built, the blanks on these mass spectrometers do tend to get even better with age. Being able to extend the life of these instruments with fully supported current generation electronics and software should be of massive benefit.”

This electronics and software package will permit full control of existing noble gas instruments. It will also provide the potential for full automation of analyses and preparation lines. Contact Isotopx (info@isotopx.com) for further information.

Noble Gas Electronics Upgrade

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Published: Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at 9:48 am

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