Isotopx launches new website!

New Website Launch

Since opening our doors in March 2008, Isotopx has transformed as a company.

Our workload has doubled, installing numerous instruments in Europe, Asia, USA and Australasia. Due to this we have increased our workforce in addition to having a permanent residency of engineers in both China and USA. We have made huge advancements in our specialist area, TIMS; this includes redesigning the focusing electronics, faster, more stable Faraday amplifiers, improved Ion counting Daly electronics and extended geometry increasing dispersion to allow for unit mass separation at UO2.

(See poster for more details  Isotopx TIMS developments)

In addition to this we have used our extensive knowledge and experience in magnetic sector mass spectrometry to develop our stand-out multi collector noble gas mass spectrometer, The NGX. The NGX uses proven technology found in our TIMS range in addition to developments in design and manufacture that has passed a new wave of excitement throughout the company.

To emphasise these huge changes in just 7 successful years we have given our website a makeover. Now compatible with mobile and tablet devices, the new website is cleaner, crisper and easier to navigate.

Please have a look round and see what you think.


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