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Isotopx TIMS Bibliography 2013

The first revision of the Isotopx TIMS Bibliography was released in April 2012 and proved extremely popular with over 100 website downloads (it was the second most popular download after the Phoenix brochure). Of course literature continues to be published and we felt it was important to update the bibliography after 12 months so that it remains an up-to-date guide to the work routinely undertaken on Isotopx TIMS systems.

The idea behind the bibliography was originally to provide prospective purchasers with an easy reference document which confirms the high-quality data being routinely generated worldwide on Isotopx TIMS systems. Whilst this is still an important aim of the bibliography we’ve also done our best to make it a useful document for existing users interested in developing new applications.

In this latest version we’ve replaced over 60 pre-2010 papers with more recent publications and have added one new application area to those already present. We hope that subdividing the guide into different application areas provides a more useful bibliography than simply providing a list of publications from the last 12 months which would be strongly focused on a small number of applications. Maintaining a subdivision based on application also allows us to include a small number of slightly older papers where we feel these are particularly important. We hope that users find this subdivision a useful feature but would welcome feedback.

Concept & Format

The bibliography is divided into 9 sections. Sections 1 to 7 include those application areas where TIMS is the most important analytical tool currently used and hence there are a very large number of publications in these categories. To keep the size of the bibliography reasonable we have restricted these sections to 20 English-language papers together with a number of non-English-language publications. Within the 20, we have attempted to cover all of the major sub-applications whilst maintaining a broad geographical spread of host laboratories. We have also biased the choice towards publications with multiple citations as well as those where a free PDF copy was available online.

Sections 8 and 9 cover more specialist areas. Section 8 covers papers on new techniques where TIMS has been used in a novel way or for a novel application. Section 9 includes a number of specialist application areas predominantly using stable isotope ratios in environmental applications. Whilst not yet ‘mainstream’, some of these are becoming more widely used as interest in environmental applications increases.
Inevitably we will have omitted some important papers in the listings and we would welcome communication from our users with suggestions of papers that you feel we really should have included.

The bibliography can be accessed on our downloads page here… Link to Bibliography download.

Feel free to contact if you’d like to make a comment or suggestion on how we might improve the bibliography.

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Published: Thursday, April 11th, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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