New Technical Note – Analysis of very large isotope ratios (236U/238U in IRMM184)

A new technical note (G30111) describing the analysis of 236U/238U in the SRM IRMM184 has been added to the downloads page.

Technical note G20111 described the analysis of the 234U/238U in IRMM184 using a multi step analysis where the Daly/Faraday gain was calculated in real time.

Application note G30111 extends this performance by analysing the very small 236U/238U ratio of  IRMM184  where 236U is only 120ppb of 238U. Given the tiny 236U signal and its proximity to 238U, an accurate analysis requires excellent abundance sensitivity, an extremely sensitive and stable ion-counting system and the ability to accurately monitor the gain between the Daly and the Faradays.

The 236U signal on the Daly averaged 17cps but the precision achieved on the measurement closely matched that expected from counting statistics. The note highlights the capability of a Phoenix TIMS equipped with a Daly and WARP to achieve the highest levels of precision and accuracy on samples with extreme ratios.

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