Steve Locke Retirement

Today Steve Locke retires from Isotopx, after 46 years of service to the mass spectrometry business. He started as an apprentice with VG Isotopes in 1973 and worked on the first commercial Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometers. Since then he has been involved with VG Isotopes, VG Isotech, Micromass, GV Instruments and finally Isotopx. He has trained dozens of engineers, installed many many dozens of instruments and been involved with all aspects of the TIMS business.  He will be missed by all, especially Zenon, who he helped during the transition from academia into industry. He has been a huge source of knowledge for colleagues and also to customers throughout the world. He has been responsible for the service of instruments over the past 25 years and has single handed kept many IsoProbe plasma and TIMS operational when they should have gone to a museum; so he has been instrumental in many academic careers and made many friends around the world in many laboratories. We wish him well for a long retirement, where there are many greens to putt, and holes to drive.

Thank you Steve.


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Published: Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at 6:58 pm

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