TIMS Publications for early 2013

We like to keep an eye open for journal publications where Isotopx TIMS instruments have been used so that we can provide an up to date bibliography to our users and other interested parties. A list of selected papers, subdivided by application area and covering the 2-3 years up to April 2012 is available from our downloads page. An updated version is currently being produced and will be posted on the downloads page in the next few weeks.

In the meantime here is a list of papers published in the last six weeks where an Isotopx TIMS was used. Each link has either a hyperlink to the abstract or a link to a  free PDF  where available.


Geochemical signatures of sediments documenting Arctic sea-ice and water mass export through Fram Strait since the Last Glacial Maximum J Maccali, C Hillaire-Marcel, J Carignan, LC Reisberg – Quaternary Science Reviews, 2013

[PDF] Highly Siderophile Elements and the Rhenium-Osmium System in Chondritic Components GJ Archer – 2012. Thesis submitted for Master of  Science directed by Rich Walker.

Insights into early Earth from Barberton komatiites: Evidence from lithophile isotope and trace element systematics IS Puchtel, J Blichert-Toft, M Touboul, RJ Walker, G.R. Byerlyc, E.G. Nisbetd, C.R. Anhaeussere. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2013

Carbon dioxide-rich coals of the Oaky Creek area, central Bowen Basin: a natural analogue for carbon sequestration in coal systems SD Golding, IT Uysal, R Bolhar, CJ Boreham, K. W. Dawsonc, K. A. Baublysc & J. S. Esterlec.  Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 2013.

Atmospheric dust contribution to the budget of U-series nuclides in soils from the Mount Cameroon volcano E Pelt, F Chabaux, P Stille, C Innocent, B Ghaleb… – Chemical Geology, 2013

[PDF] First report of a Middle-Upper Permian magmatism in the SE Iberian Ranges: characterisation and comparison with coeval magmatisms in the western Tethys M Lago, R Horra, T Ubide, C Galé, AB Galán… – Journal of Iberian Geology 2012.

The Early Permian mafic–ultramafic complexes in the Beishan Terrane, NW China: Alaskan-type intrusives or rift cumulates? Ben-Xun Su, Ke-Zhang Qin, M. Santosh, He Sun, Dong-Mei Tang. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 2013.

The fast evolution of a crustal hot zone at the end of a transpressional regime: the Saint-Tropez peninsula granites and related dykes (Maures Massif, SE France).  Jean-Clair Duchesne , Jean-Paul Liégeois, Olivier Bolle, Jacqueline Vander Auwera, Olivier Bruguier, Dmitry I. Matukov, Sergey A. Sergeev. Lithos 2013.

[PDF] Pleistocene sequence stratigraphy of the shallow continental shelf, offshore New Jersey: Constraints of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Leg 313 core holes KG Miller, PJ Sugarman, JV Browning, RE Sheridan… – Geosphere, 2012

U-series, ESR and 14C studies of the fossil remains from the Mousterian levels of Zafarraya Cave (Spain): A revised chronology of Neandertal presence.  Véronique Michel , Doriane Delanghe-Sabatier, Edouard Bard, Cécilio Barroso Ruiz. Quaternary Geochronology 2013.

Preboreal onset of cold-water coral growth beyond the Arctic Circle revealed by coupled radiocarbon and U-series dating and neodymium isotopes. M. López Correa, P. Montagna, N. Joseph, A. Rüggeberg, J. Fietzke, S. Flögel, B. Dorschelf, S.L. Goldstein, A. Wheeler, A. Freiwald. Quaternary Science Reviews 2012.

[PDF] Radium depletion and 210Pb/226Ra disequilibrium of Marítaro hydrothermal deposits, Los Azufres geothermal field, Mexico CAROLYNE PICKLER, DANIELE L. PINTI, BASSAM GHALEB, VICTOR-HUGO GARDUÑO and ALAIN TREMBLAY. Geochemical Journal 2012.

Mantle composition controls the development of an Oceanic Core Complex SC Wilson, BJ Murton, RN Taylor – Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 2013


For further information and requests for additional references please contact  Colin Fenwick.

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