Celebrating Space Spectrometers on National Space Day

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National Space Day is celebrated annually in the US on the first Friday of May; this year Space Day will be celebrated on Friday the 6th of May. The celebration was created to promote STEM amongst young people1. However, it also offers an opportunity for the public to celebrate the extraordinary achievements and opportunities space exploration provides.

Here at Isotopx, we are celebrating National Space Day by highlighting the fascinating techniques which have assisted in space exploration.

Spectrometer Applications in Space

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Mass Spectrometry Application in Space

A fundamental analytical tool for space exploration is mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometers are involved in various aspects of space exploration. Mass spectrometry was first used for space exploration in the late 1950s at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.2 Mass spectrometers provide analysis of the composition of the atmosphere and terrain, whilst also ensuring safety of astronauts, as it can be used to monitor the air quality within spacecrafts.3

Mass spectrometers have had a significant impact on our knowledge of Earth and the surrounding solar system. As a reliable, sturdy, adaptive appliance, mass spectroscopy will continue to assist in future discoveries of the universe.

At Isotopx we offer a variety of Mass Spectrometers:

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