• World class mass spectrometry

    Our ground-breaking thermal ionization mass spectrometers (TIMS) trace their heritage back to 1973

  • Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer IRMS for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

    Meet SIRIX, our gas source IRMS

    Its intuitive design helps optimise specific applications and increase throughout

  • Innovation at the heart of product design

    Noble gas isotope ratios measured with high precision and accuracy using our NGX multi-collector noble gas MS




The Phoenix TIMS combines our proven source design and optics with newly developed detector technologies to produce the highest precision data. The Phoenix is completely customisable to suit the needs of your lab now and future-proofing your lab for new applications. 

Mass Spectrometer and Thermal Ionization MS

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  • The mass spectrometers built to last!

    The mass spectrometers built to last!

    I’m recently back from a sales trip to China and Japan, and several things struck me whilst travelling. First was the pace of change, especially in China – where the level of visible wealth has increased significantly, in the cities I visited at least. The second thing was the number of old but well-maintained noble…


  • Cultural mishaps of a mass spectrometrist

    Cultural mishaps of a mass spectrometrist

    At the time of writing this blog it’s only a couple of weeks until I head out on a business trip to China and Japan. Although I used to travel a bit when I was younger, it doesn’t happen so much these days, especially in the last three years (for the unmentionable reason). But I…


  • Who would be an installation engineer?

    Who would be an installation engineer?

    In the world of analytical instrumentation, it’s quite a well-trodden path to move from test and installation engineering to marketing, sales or product management. It’s the route that I took myself, along with a number of my colleagues here at Isotopx. But why does this happen so commonly, what is it about test and installation…


  • Should I consider leaving academia for the commercial world?

    Should I consider leaving academia for the commercial world?

    Many of our customers, past, present and future, are highly successful academics. Therefore, the question about consideration of a career in the commercial world is a contentious one at best. I’m guessing that the majority of people in our sphere that see the abovementioned question will have a pretty clear answer in mind. But there…


  • Why should I use a degasser with my TIMS?

    Why should I use a degasser with my TIMS?

    Much of my mass spectrometry experience has been associated with ICP-MS so I’m far from an expert in thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS), meaning every day can be a school day at Isotopx. Today I was wondering about filament preparation techniques such as carburization to increase efficiency of small samples. However, I thought I’d first…


Latest News & Events

  • An introduction to Zeptona technology

    Interested to learn about Zeptona technology? It’s a technology based on ATONA, but takes it one step further. It’s well suited to a number of isotope ratio measurement applications, particularly those in U-Pb geochronology. Click here to take a look at the short article that introduces Zeptona, and get in touch if you want to…


  • AGU Fall Meeting 2023, San Francisco

    11th – 15th December 2023 San Francisco, USA We are pleased to announce that Isotopx will be attending AGU 2023 which will be taking place from 11 December – 15 December 2023 in San Francisco, California. For more than 100 years AGU has been opening pathways to discovery, opening greater awareness to address climate change,…


  • Geochronology 2023 meeting | Isotopx to attend in Vermont

    We are pleased to announce that Isotopx will be attending the Geochronology Gordon Research Conference in VT, USA from 13-18 August this year. The Geochronology meeting is a particularly exciting and relevant meeting for our user community and we’re delighted to be a major sponsor. If you’re attending Geochronology GRC 2023 and wish to arrange a time…