Features and Benefits

  • Patented ATONA® Faraday amplifiers
  • 9 individually moveable Faraday detectors
  • Simultaneous measurement of m/z 44 to 49
  • Mass resolving power 5,000
  • 10 ppm precision 48 CO2 / 44 CO2, within 100 minutes
  • Measure up to 200 nA ion beams
Mass Spectrometer for analysis of clumped isotopes
IRMS Mass Spectroscopy

ATONA® amplification means lower noise, larger dynamic range and easier set-up for ultimate instrument flexibility and measurement precision

Product Description

Introducing SIRIX, our all-new large radius gas source stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer. SIRIX features advanced multicollector technology derived from the Phoenix Thermal Ionization MS. It also includes our unique, patented ATONA® amplifier technology in combination with a high sensitivity, high mass resolution spectrometer design. The result is a powerful, versatile, sensitive, stable isotope mass spectrometer that is intuitive to use, and can also be optimised for the most exacting applications, including the measurement of isotopologues.

Users of SIRIX will also benefit from the capability to significantly increase their throughput compared to existing solutions. The exceptionally quiet and stable amplifier system allows for extended measurement times of sample gas, without the need for repetitive calibration with a reference gas, or calibration of different gain resistors.

The image shows mass scans for m/z 44 to 49, clearly showing the potential for SIRIX to be used for the study of CO2 isotopologues, including m/z 48 and 49

The analysis of CO2 isotopologues has become routine, allowing the measurement of Δ47 with sufficient precision to draw meaningful conclusions. Additional information is available from the measurements of Δ48 & Δ49, but existing instrumentation produce inadequate results. The new SIRIX mass spectrometer from Isotopx leverages the dynamic range and exceptional noise performance of the ATONA® detection system to rewrite the rule book.

Key Features:

  • 9 individually movable Faraday detectors
  • Large 90o 27 cm radius magnet
  • Simultaneous measurement of m/z 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49
  • Wide flight tube ensures no backgrounds from reflected ions
  • Mass resolving power of 5,000 is obtainable
  • Better than 10 ppm precision for 48 CO2 / 44 CO2, within 100 minutes
  • ATONA® allows accurate and precise measurement of ion signals of >1e-7 A down to <1e-17 A on the Faraday array
  • ATONA® shows better than 1 ppm stability over a 40 hour period
  • Measure up to 200 nA on channel 1 and 20 nA on channels 2 to 9


The unique, patented ATONA (aA to nA) amplification technology from Isotopx has eliminated the need for a feedback resistor. The outcome is a significant reduction in amplifier noise, a dramatic increase in dynamic range, rapid amplifier decay, and improved baseline and calibration stability. But what does this mean for your analysis?

In practice, this means analysis of signal sizes from tens of counts per second to nanoamps (hundreds of volts) with lower noise than any resistor-based amplifier. So you can analyse a wider range of sample sizes than ever before, with more confidence in your data.


SIRIX has been designed for fully automated operation. All system parameters are controlled via the PC including all valves, source tuning parameters, ion beam current and detector selection. Furthermore, instrument monitors are displayed through the software including turbo pump speed and temperature, valve status and all source tuning parameters. The SIRIX software is optimised to make full use of the instrument’s leading-edge electronics. Operating under Windows® 10 it provides dedicated data acquisition, control, error reporting & data processing.

Software features

  • Real-time display of source parameters, system vacuum status and collector readings
  • Advanced charting tools for easy visual analysis of collector intensities in mass scanning and intensity tuning modes
  • Includes mass and intensity markers, history scans, user annotations capabilities etc.
  • Provides calibration & profiling tools, e.g. peak resolution, mass resolving power, amplifier gain calibration etc
  • Allows easy access to all system parameters for manual control
  • Exporting of raw data in various third-party formats
  • Comprehensive analysis method editor and reporting tools
  • Support for external inlet systems


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IRMS for clumped isotopes

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