The NGX is our newly developed Static multi collector Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer designed to measure isotope ratios of any of the noble gases at high precision and accuracy. It uses conventional 1:1 ion optics with the very latest electronics to give simple fixed multi-collection coupled with high performance and sensitivity.          

Key Features

  • NEW Patented technology High dynamic range, electronically calibrated  ATONA® Faraday amplifiers
  • NEW Patented technology High-sensitivity, low-temperature cathode source
  • Up to 9 fixed long life Faradays with optional multiple ion counters for peak jumping.
  • Low volume design maximising sensitivity and lowering the instrument footprint.
  • Large radius electromagnet for optimal transmission, resolution, and stability.
  • The Nier type source operates at up to 8kV accelerating voltage to maximise sensitivity across the mass range.
  • NGX is fully bakeable to 350°C, and includes an in-line SAES GP50 getter pump ensuring a low background static vacuum.
  • Use of a fixed multi-collector greatly simplifies instrument construction, lowers the collector volume and increases effective sensitivity. It also greatly simplifies instrument operation since no zoom lens or movable optics are required.
  • An ultimate vacuum of 10-10 mbar is achieved using 2 separate pumps: an 80 l/s turbo-molecular pump backed with an oil-free diaphragm pump and a 40 l/s ion pump.
  • Newly developed software providing unparalleled control and analysis for tailor made applications as well as repetitive analyses.
  • Fully networkable to permit remote control of the instrument


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