Phoenix – Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer 

World class heritage and knowledge. Isotopx are the TIMS specialists. 

Isotopx was formed in February 2008 as a Management buyout (MBO) from GV instruments. The BO was in response to Thermo Corporation’s purchase of GV instruments and the subsequent enquiry by the UK Competition Commission into the purchase. 

We trace our heritage to the very first commercial TIMS, the MM30, launched by VG* Micromass in 1973. We are justifiably proud of this tradition, many of the subsequent instruments manufactured by VG Isotopes, VG Isotech, Micromass and GV instruments continue to be supported by Isotopx engineers even in some cases after more than 25 years of service. 

With the latest Phoenix the tradition of excellence is maintained. Operating at the highest levels of stability, sensitivity and precision, the Phoenix provides the current state of the art in isotope ratio analysis, whatever the sample size. The Isotopx team continues to provide the finest customer support for the Phoenix and also for the many hundreds of legacy instruments. 

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