Phoenix Site Planning Guide

The purpose of this site planning guide is to provide users with specific information regarding the instrument requirements to allow adequate site preparation. This site planning guide will enable our users to prepare their laboratory with the necessary services and minimise any possible delays.  

The Phoenix TIMS is a high precision electronic instrument whose performance can be greatly affected by its operating environment, thus time and effort spent in preparing the laboratory facilities will contribute to the long-term performance of the instrument. In order to obtain the highest degree of productivity and performance with your instrument and MassLynx, technical support is available to assist in basic instruction and troubleshooting. To assist you in this regard, we highly recommend the installation of a telephone next to your instrument. Should you wish to discuss the site preparation in further detail, please contact Isotopx Limited or your local Isotopx sales and service organisation. 

Download full guide here:  Phoenix Site Planning Guide 2011