Service Overview

Services we can offer include:-

  • On-site fault diagnosis and repair
  • Remote diagnosis (where laboratory internet implementation permits)
  • Repair, testing and upgrading of electronic units
  • Relocating instruments
  • Hardware and collector upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance visits to detect and avoid any costly future problems

Service Plans

Whether you require a one off PM visit or a multi-year service plan, Isotopx can design a versatile and cost effective solution to your needs. Service plan customers always receive priority service and benefit from 10% discount on spares, free remote diagnostics and free software updates. If you need to maximise up-time then an Isotopx service plan is the best way to guarantee the fastest response from the most experienced engineers. See our Service Plans page for more details.


Isotopx carry spares for all of our recent instruments as well as many older VG systems. As instruments become older it inevitably gets harder to find replacement parts, particularly electrical and computer components, many of which have long become obsolete.

Recognising the importance of maintaining older equipment, Isotopx has a number of programs in place designed to identify key components in older systems and make sure that modern replacements are available. At the same time we endeavour to make sure that as far as possible, the latest developments on our newest machines are available as upgrades on older systems. We recognise the magnitude of your investment and as far as possible will ensure it is maximized.

Tel: +44 1606 839810

Your TIMS system is special, so why get it serviced by non-specialist engineers?

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