Turret Assembly

Turret spares

Item Part Part Number
  20 bead complete assembly M611002CC2
D Separable bead block (1) M577072CD1
  BALL SS GRADE 316S16 DIA 0.25 INCH 6365101
  Grub screw to hold bead block to turret M247255AD1
  Compression spring to hold bead block to turret T1038058
  Triple filament jig alignment tool  
C Circlip for mounting handle T1026032

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Filament Holder

Filament Holder spares

Item Part Part Number
2 DIA 2MM X 6 DOWEL PIN 5371002
3 Silver plated M2 x 6 screw to hold filament M577077AD1
4 DIA 4MM X 16 DOWEL PIN T1035044
5 Exit slit (1000) M247846BD1

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Filaments spares

Item Part Part Number


6 Inner Ta Filament M625024A (box of 25) T4002578
8 Outer Ta Filament M625023A (box of 25) T4002579
7 Centre Ta Filament M625026A (box of 25) T4002580
6 Inner Re filament (box of 25) T4002581
8 Outer Re filament (box of 25) T4002582
7 Centre Re filament (box of 25) T4002583
6 Inner W Filament (box of 25) T4002584
8 Outer W Filament (box of 25) T4002585
7 Centre W Filament (box of 25) T4002586
6 Inner zone refined Re filament (box of 25) T4003087
8 Outer zone refined Re filament (box of 25) T4003086
7 Centre zone refined Re filament (box of 25) T4003085


6 Blank inner filament (box of 25) T3008827
8 Blank outer filament (box of 25) T3008828
7 Blank Centre filament (box of 25) T3008829


  Pt filament ribbon (0.0012inch x 0.030inch) T1042681
  Re filament ribbon zone refined T1042333
  Ta filament ribbon (0.025mm x 0.76mm) T1040269
  Re filament ribbon (0.025mm x 0.76mm) T1040141
  W filament ribbon T1041050

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