Selected Bibliography of Peer-reviewed Publications

This bibliography provides a list of selected recent publications in which Isotopx TIMS instruments were used to generate analytical data. 

The first revision of the Isotopx bibliography was released in April 2012 and proved extremely popular with over 100 website downloads (it was the second most popular download after the Phoenix brochure). Of course, literature continues to be published and we felt it was important to update the bibliography after 12 months so that it remains an up-to-date guide to the work routinely undertaken on Isotopx TIMS systems.  

In this latest version we’ve replaced over 60 pre-2010 papers with more recent publications and have added one new application area to those already present. We hope that subdividing the guide into different application areas provides a more useful bibliography than simply providing a list of publications from the last 12 months which would be strongly focused on a small number of applications. Maintaining a subdivision based on application also allows us to include a small number of slightly older papers where we feel these are particularly important. 

Review the full list here: Isotopx TIMS Bibliography (April 2013)