The Isotopx DG60 is a floor standing, self-contained filament degassing unit capable of automatically preparing up to 60 TIMS filaments per cycle. With an ultimate vacuum of 10-8 mbar and easy to use software, the degassing of filaments becomes a controlled, reproducible and hands-off process.  

DG60 Degasser


Key Features

  • Fully software controlled degassing of up to 60 filaments per cycle.
  • Oil-free vacuum pumping consisting of an air-cooled Pfeiffer Hi-Pace 300 turbo pump backed by Pfeiffer diaphragm pump; ensures rapid pump down and a clean degassing environment.
  • Stainless steel vacuum enclosure with sight glass enables an ultimate vacuum of 10-8mbar.
  • Tool free filament loading and unloading for quick and easy use.
  • Newly developed highly advanced software controlled allows for an unparalleled degree of automation.
  • Self contained, stand alone unit that is controlled by a laptop minimizing the degassers footprint.
  • Universal power supply, 110V – 240V at 50-60Hz, so no transformer is needed.
  • Each run is stored as an event log permitting the user to check past degassing processes.
  • Suitable for Isotopx Phoenix, Isoprobe-T and VG Sector 54 filaments. Please ask about filaments for other TIMS systems.
  • Fully networkable to permit remote control and monitoring of the unit.

For further information on the DG60, please contact sales@isotopx.com.


DG60 montage 2

DG60 includes comprehensive control software allowing for manual or automated degassing.

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